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Amy’s mother says that Amy’s resume reads like a novel.

Her first job as the lawn-mower of 6 Tiffany Lane was the only time in her life she experienced the benefits of nepotism in the workplace. Regardless of how many rocks she ran over, she kept getting paid.

Since then, Amy has been a telemarketer, library assistant, cellist, dishwasher, fancy coffee drink maker, sandwich artist, bus boy, brunch chef, line cook, full body masseuse, stage manager, cocktail waitress, scenic painter, dancer, writer, donut fryer, t-shirt seller, craft vendor, jewelry assembler, puppet maker, small business owner, ear piercer, buyer, bead seller, barista, salad tosser, wholesale jewelry show assistant, entrepreneur, cocktail waitress, theater company owner, wedding ring seller, inventory taker, cocktail waitress, actress, aerobics instructor, personal trainer, exotic dancer, jewelry designer, studio manager, cocktail waitress, bartender, cocktail waitress, movement artist, event waiter, cater waiter, prep cook, singer/ songwriter, rock cellist, hair washer, floor sweeper, hair cutter, colorist, pheromone pusher,  make-up artist, wig maker, hair designer, wig stylist, Broadway hair department head, image consultant, temporary tattoo giver, travel-writer, screenwriter, and filmmaker.

Amy recently folded up her fully formed life in New York City to pursue the art and craft of fiction writing full time-ish. She now adds university professor to the list of gigs.

Amy contends that an interesting life makes an interesting person and, more importantly, interesting art.


Amy Neswald is a fiction writer and screenwriter. Her work has appeared in The Rumpus, The Normal School, Bat City Review, and Green Mountain Review, among others. Her debut novel-in-stories I Know You Love Me, Too, is a recipient of the New American Fiction Prize and a finalist for a Maine Literary Award. Her short film Solitaire is a semi-finalist for the Beverly Hills Arthouse Film Festival. Prior to moving to rural Maine, she had a long career as a wigmaster for Broadway shows. She teaches creative writing at the University of Maine in Farmington and continues working on her next novel and a collection of short films.

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