By Way of Introduction

May 2, 2014

Earlier this year, I decided to enact a plan to become filthy, stinking rich. That was in April. It's November. I'm not rich yet.
To be fair, I haven't been trying all that hard. But next year, 2015, is the year I am determined to put the plan in action.
How do I define "filthy, stinking rich?"
Filthy stinking rich means that I have enough money to do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want without having to wonder how I'm going to pay for it. It means that I can give to whomever I want, whatever I want, whenever I want, and increase the wealth and well-being of my friends and family along with my own. It means that when I work at a job it's solely because I want to. It means I choose my work, instead of my work choosing me.
There are a lot of tools out there. Lots of books. Lots of advice. Magic potions, candles, meditations, considerations. Skill sets, hobbies, adventures to lead me on this quest. I'm open to whatever opportunities, possibilities, improbabilities waddle or waft across my path.
I do have one caveat. I will not sell my soul (even though I hear they go for insane amounts of money). One only need to look towards the extreme wealth holders in the world to see what happens when you live without a soul. Those people don't seem very happy at all.
So, really, my goal is to become filthy stinking rich without becoming poor.
I'm going to share what I do with you, so that maybe you can become filthy stinking rich, too.
I don't know how to get rich. I've never tried before. I'm starting with a simple, four-part strategy. We'll see where I go from there.
The Strategy:
1. Invest in stocks
2. Buy lottery tickets
3. Be frugal, and
4. Cut monthly expenses.
To date, I have invested in stocks via a sharebuilder account. I got a little excited by this, which has left me cash poor. Still, I have shares in the following: Apple (AAPL), two 3D printing companies (SSYS, DATSY), a medical marijuana joint (MDBX), Elon Musk's company Solar City (SCTY), and the Discovery Channel (DISCA). At this writing, I'm up $38. Clearly, I am on my way.
In lottery winnings, I've average $2 - $5 win each week on a $5 investment, but these past weeks, it seems as though my luck has run out. I'm working at a 100% loss.
My friends will tell you that I come by frugality honestly. And then they might mention my tiny bulk buying problem. Currently, I am in possession of 20 pounds of rice, polenta, popcorn, and quinoa each, along with three pounds of dried seaweed, five pounds of turmeric, 30 rolls of toilet paper, and 25 pounds of gourmet salts. I'll never have to buy salt again.
And, finally, cutting monthly expenses has been challenging as I've already gotten rid of most of my unnecessary expenses. I canceled cable years ago when I realized I hadn't turned my television in six months. I ditched my landline around the same time. My favorite discount clothing store, Daffy's, met its demise three years ago. I've saved hundred of dollars not buying clothes since then. But, there's always some fat to trim, right?
My Assets:
1. A job that pays pretty well. And by pretty well, I mean, pretty well, considering that I live in one of the most expensive cities on earth.
2. A co-op apartment in Manhattan that I own outright. And though it's not in the best neighborhood, or the nicest place, I bought it cheap and I paid it off. Translation: cheap rent. Considering that I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.
3. An adventurous spirit
4. No debt
My Liabilities:
1. I'm an artist/ writer type
2. I like to travel
3. I am considering taking a 50 - 80% pay cut to go to graduate school for my MFA
4. I like organic vegetables, good coffee. martinis, wine, and shoes
I'm not sure how or when this blog will catch its stride, or what it will become. But, it's my intention for it be my account of how I'm going about, without guile, getting rich and what I learn while trying. I'm sharing my adventures in the hopes that either I will inspire you, dear reader, or you will inspire me.
I mean, why not?
What have we got to lose?



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Earlier this year, I decided to enact a plan to become filthy, stinking rich. That was in April. It's November. I'm not rich yet.



To be fair, I haven...

By Way of Introduction

May 2, 2014

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