"The In-betweens" (short story) (Puerto Del Sol, forthcoming)

"No Less Than Nothing" The Normal School

"Forty-Six" (short story), The Rumpus

“Bruce, On Ice” (short story), Green Mountain Review

“Late Bloomer” (short story), Bat City Review

“Friday Harbor” (short story), Saranac Review

“The Grow” (short story), Texas Review

“This Way Lies the Future,” “Back/ Seat,” “Monster Mind”  (microfiction), The Cantabrigian: Wyoming

“The Perfects” (short story), Litro

“Dizzy” (short story), Outlook Springs

“Just Outside of Comfort” (short story), Short Story

“Five Awkward First Dates You Probably Want to Avoid” (guest blog post), Psychology Today

Awards and Honors
* Finalist, New American Fiction Award, "I Know You Love Me, Too"
* Finalist, O Bheal Poetry Film Award, "Blink"
* Pushcart Prize finalist (with honorable mention),  2020, "Late Bloomer"
* Petrichor Reprint Award. "Late Bloomer"
* Pushcart Prize finalist (with honorable mention), 2019, "Bruce, On Ice"
* Thomas Williams Memorial Scholarship for Fiction, “Bruce, On Ice”
* Dick Shea Memorial Award for Fiction, "The Perfects"
* Rhode Island International Film Festival, Best Screenplay, The Placeholder, 2008
* Las Vegas Screenplay Contest, finalist, "Tinker"
* Bradenton Independent Film Festival, finalist, "Tinker"​
* Royal Reels Winner, Canada Internation Film Festival Screenplay Competition, "Tinker"
* Shorts Showcase Festival Finalist, "The Further Adventures of Dot"
* Reel 13, nominee, The Further Adventures of Dot, 2013
* Reader Appreciation Award and Adventurous Blogger Award, 50 Dates in 50 States, 2012
* Nextv Writing and Pitch Competition, quarter-finalist, The Party, 2012
* Indiefest Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, Wilderness, 2009
* Honolulu International Film Festival, Accolade Award, Freegan Love, 2009
* Moondance International Film Festival, Short Narrative Film Finalist, Freegan Love, 2009
* Reel 13, finalist, Freegan Love, 2009
* Silver Screenwriting Competition, Quarterfinalist, The Placeholder, 2008
* 1010 Wins "Tomorrow's Newsmakers" awards, Arts and Entertainment Nominee, 2008
* Fearless Production Screenwriting Competition, Best Screenplay, Toast, 2001
* aTalentscout Spec Script Contest, Semi-finalist, Nip/Tuc spec, "Ellen Carter"
* NYC Midnight short screenplay contest, Best Screenplay, Wilderness, 2005
* NYC Midnight short screenplay contest, Finalist, Wednesday Nights at Spanky's, 2005
* NYC Midnight short screenplay contest, Finalist, Mad Cow, 2006
* NYC Midnight short screenplay contest, Honorable Mention, Chromosome 6, 2006
* NYC Midnight short screenplay contest, Honorable Mention, Lollipop, 2007
* Radmin Agency Screenplay Contest, Semi-finalist, Toast
* The Big Australian Screenplay Contest, Semi-finalist, Toast
* Fade-in Screenplay Competition, Semi-finalist, Toast
* Filmmakers.com Screenplay Contest, Semi-finalist, Toast
* Scriptrep.com Screenplay Competition, Semi-finalist, Toast








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